The design that started it all!

After purchasing a Jeep, Brian was looking for a way to meet like minded off roaders to test his new 4x4's capabilities and explore trails with. This logo was originally intended to represent Air Down Off Road as a new Jeep Club. But when the design was complete and shown to others, the response opened his eyes to what Air Down Off Road could truly become.

A lifestyle brand for the off-roading community. A brand of that advocates and inspires individuals to take their off-road vehicles (no matter what manufacturer or model) out on a new trail to create a memorable moment outdoors with their friends and family. A brand that gives back to our community in the form of trail clean up participation, and involvement with charities that call to us.

Air Down Off Road has since grown to be a family owned and operated company. Our team consists of a retired police officer, his wife, their daughter, and her husband (Brian). We are on a pursuit to be the lifestyle brand of choice to the off-roading, thrill seeking, nature wanderers out there.